CD - Potter's Daughter – Casually Containing Rage

text: Robin Boer

ProgJazz puts the spotlight on the latest release of 'Potter's Daughter.'

'Potter's Daughter' is a US-based duo, consisting of composer/pianist/vocalist Dyanne Potter Vögtlin and composer/bassist Jan-Christian Vögtlin. So far, they released the album 'The Blind Side' in 2018 , two singles (of which one features a collaboration with Renaissance's Annie Haslam) and their latest effort is a three-song EP called 'Casually Containing Rage'. There are different elements in the music that do stand out, like the significant voice of Dyanne, which is unpolished, emotional and vibrant of character. The style of piano playing is quirky and free from clichés.

Do not expect a polished production, with a super-tight sounding band. Instead of being carried by a traditional electric band arrangement, we hear a mainly open, acoustic approach that gives the music lots of room to breathe and move/walk organically. Last, but definitely not least, the quality of the melodies. We do think that the songs 'Accidentally Like a Martyr' and 'We Could Be' have a strong combined quality of lyrics and melody. The music is intelligent and accessible at the same time, both in fair proportion.


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