Returning to the Triton scene

tekst: Storm Bakker


Returning to the Triton scene

"Since the very moving evening of tribute to our great friend James Mac Gaw and the incredible concert that his oldest friends and stage companions had offered us in his memory with the rebirth of the mythical One Shot." Says Vivante jr. from Le Triton, home of progjazzrock and zeuhl, in Les Lilas, Paris. "Many of us were more or less secretly hoping that the band would resume service... It is with great emotion that we are today happy to announce that YES, One Shot is back indeed! In an unprecedented formula with its two historic keyboardists reunited, One Shot returns to the Triton scene, 20 years after having trod it for the first time."

Those keyboardists are Bruno Ruder and Emmanuel Borghi, both former memorable members of One Shot and Magma. With drummer Daniel Jeand'Heur and bassist Phil Bussonnet, the four fellow musicians of James in One Shot responded immediately when Le Triton offered to pay tribute to him by redesigning, for one evening, ONE SHOT, "but not quite in its original version..."

"It was so good that we have decided to reactivate the band", says Bussonnet, refering to the october show, which is in the La Vod series on the Le Triton website, showing the thriving Mac Gaw classic Ewaz Vader - here called Like a Poney. "That is the title of the whole set," Bussonnet explains, "it's a kind of joke James's style." The bassist has been the magnificent bass prince of zeuhl for over a quarter of a century, with guitarist James Mac Gaw the Urgon & Gorgo siding Christian Vander. Bussonnet, who also visits Le Triton with the haevy rock band Welcome X, is looking forward to the kick-off on Saturday March 19, 2022, at Le Triton, Paris (Les Lilas).

James in Nijmegen, 2010 | photo Hans Speekenbrink



One Shot is a French jazz / progressive rock group founded in 1998. It is part of the Zeuhl movement and all of its members, apart from the drummer, have been part of Magma.

ONE SHOT was without a doubt one of the most influential groups on the international progressive scene. It was also a great story of friendship and loyalty for the Triton. Originally, composed of the young rhythmic basis of the reformation of MAGMA, bass, guitar, keyboards, completed by Daniel Jeand'heur on drums, One Shot had rebounded after the departure of Emmanuel Borghi, with the integration by Bruno Ruder. Upon the news of James's illness, the group was forced to stop.


Needless to say, the listener will not come out unscathed!

Says Aymeric Leroy on Le Triton website. "Three of them have been, alongside Christian Vander, the instrumental pillars of Magma since its reactivation in the mid-1990s. However, considering One Shot only from this tutelary angle would be both unfair and reductive (...) One Shot offers organic music, open to the unexpected, which obliges each musician to be vigilant at all times. (...) the intensity never weakens, the implication is maximum, the musicality never lacking."

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